Pak Fame British Boxer Amir Khan Divorces his Wife


Pak Fame British Boxer Amir Khan Divorces his Wife

Dubai. Amir Khan is the leading Pakistani fame British boxer and he was married to Faryal Makhdoom about 4 years before. The couple faced many adverse situations during their married life and after that they got separated from the family and they started living in separate home. Amir Khan stopped attending the marriage ceremony of his younger brother.

Now Amir Khan released a tweet on the social media website that he is going to separate from his wife and he is giving divorce to her. He said that he is not feeling any repentance over his separation from his wife. He said that he left his family and friends for his wife and now he is divorcing her. He said that she repeated it time and again that she wanted to live with other boxer, Anthony Joshua.

Faryal responded that Amir did not leave his family for her but he left his parents because they were robbing him. Amir should stop spreading baseless news and he is also blaming another boxer because his own career is going to end.

Joshua refused to meet with Faryal and said that he did not meet with her and she is enjoying life his own wife. Amir and Faryal should settle their matters at their own. He said that is seemed that their twitter accounts were hacked.

When the conflicts of Amir Khan were grown with his parents and other family members, he got separated from his family and the shameful video of the boxer was also released and Faryal said it was the activity of his friends.

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