Boxer Amir Khan wants to develop Pak-India relations via Sports



New Delhi, British Boxer, Amir Khan shows his desire to improve the relationships between India and Pakistan through the sports. He says that both countries should continue playing different games.

According to details, Amir Khan is on the tour to India and he desires to bring both countries closer together through various sports. He says that both countries should cricket and boxing and both the countries should maintain their relationships through the sports because they can make correct different things from various wrong things. All of the sports including cricket and boxing can play an important role to bring these two countries close of each other.

Being a boxer, he thinks that boxing can change the thinking style of people. With the establishment of different academies, boxing shows and events can help in removing the hurdles. The hatred spread on the political issues, these can be made possible in the sports. Amir Khan said that he visited Pakistan many times and he thought that other people should also visit these two countries and both the countries should play cricket. These countries should learn from each other. The viewers of both the teams support their teams. He further added that they are going to establish the academies in Delhi and Mumbai. The opening of five academies is going to be started in Pakistan while one academy in Doha.




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