Hasan Raza Involved in Pitch Fixing Scandal


Pitch Fixing scandaal

Qatar, The wicket fixing scandal has been revealed in which one Pakistani cricketer, Hassan Raza is also found involved. According to the Arab media, the new conspiracy of the cricket match fixing has been revealed in Sri Lanka through the sitting operation.

A reporter of Arab media met with the assistant manager of Galle Stadium and the Indian first class ex cricketers as the businessman. He recorded the discussion through his spy cameras and in the video of the Arab media, Pakistani cricketer, Hasan Raza is sitting with the Indian cricketer but he was not involved in the discussion directly.

Hassan Raza

Hassan Raza

In the initial footage and the recorded discussion, it was shown that the reporter is talking about the fixing of the match between England v Sri Lanka, which wasscheduled  on 6 November. The staff of Galle stadium ensures the spoiling of the wicket during the match in the Galle Stadium. The reporter demanded from the fixer to spoil the wicket and ensure to end the match in three or four days rather than finish in allotted five days. The fixer ensured him that he can manage to finish this match even before this time.

Hassan Raza nomimated

Hassan Raza nomimated

The fixer gives detail that they will leave the wicket uncovered about two weeks before the start of the test match and they will not water the wicket. The wicket fixer also accepted that he fixed the match between India v Sri Lanka in 2017 and the ICC said about this scandal that they will start the investigation on receipt of the complete report of fixing. The English board is aware of the reports regarding fixing.

When the name of Hasan Raza is revealed for the involvement of the cricketer in the wicket fixing of the match, the anti corruption unit of PCB has started the analyzing of the matters of the so called scandal and if they find any evidence, they will start the action against the cricketer.

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